Motion capture hardware

CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO is the new capture engine for Vicon Motus. TEMPLO supports all state-of-the-art camera technologies, synchronized with force platforms, EMG and general purpose A/D converters.

Cameras Other devices
Gigabit-Ethernet Force platforms
HDV camcorders (consumer cameras) EMG
USB-3 Other analog data
USB-2 Calibration
DV camcorders (legacy consumer cameras)
IEEE-1394 FireWire

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras

Network connectors, which are already installed in nearly every PC. Maximum data rate is 100+ MB/s.

Cable length is not limited (100 m), some cameras support PoE (Power Over Ethernet), where a single cable is used for both data transfer and power supply.

GigE cameras

Typical resolutions and frame rates
640x480 @ 200 fps
1024x1024 @ 100 fps
1600x1200 @ 50 fps
1920x1080 @ 50 fps
Almost all cameras can be used at higher frame rates by reducing the image size.

Mobile systems
Notebook computers can typically handle 3 cameras.
Lower frame rates (e.g. 640x480 @ 100 fps) allow up to 6 cameras.

Desktop systems
Modern computer systems can typically handle 6 cameras.
Lower frame rates (e.g. 640x480 @ 100 fps) allow for 12 or more cameras.


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New TEMPLO v2018 available
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Vicon Motus 10.0.1 available
A new version has been released and is available for download

HDV, GigE and USB-3 cameras
CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO, the new video capture engine, provides the most flexible capture solutions worldwide

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